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July 13, 2020 - No. 140


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PRISM - Here's Why You Need An Operational Health Check In This COVID-19 Environment

Incident: France B773 at Reunion on Jul 11th 2020, smoke in cockpit

EVAS - Cockpit Smoke Protection

Accident: Spirit A320 at Baltimore on Jul 10th 2020, 4 flight attendants in medical emergency

Accident: Envoy E175 at Chicago on Jul 9th 2020, turbulence injures flight attendant

Iran details factors involved in the shootdown of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752

Plane crashes in Northern Michigan after 'distracted' pilot forgets landing gear

dnata USA scores IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations

95 per cent licences of Pakistan pilots serving in 7 countries cleared

Alaska flight forced to return to Sea-Tac Airport after man threatens passengers Saturday night

U.S. Revokes Permission for Pakistan International Airlines to Operate Special Direct Flights

Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines On Course to Launch Expanded Partnership

Diamond Aircraft Introduced the DA50 RG, an All Carbon Fiber Airplane


Officer Becomes U.S. Navy's First Black Female Tactical Jet Pilot

FAA Plans New Environmental Review Of SpaceX Site In Texas

Leasing Aircraft & Engines, Return Conditions, and Transition - Course

Join RTCA for a free two-part webinar on Wednesday, July 15 at 1pm ET...featuring NTSB and GAMA

ERAU - Aircraft Crash Survival Investigation and Analysis - Course

Online Unmanned Aircraft Systems from SCSI



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Incident: France B773 at Reunion on Jul 11th 2020, smoke in cockpit


An Air France Boeing 777-300, registration F-GSQP performing flight AF-671 from Reunion (Reunion) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) with 468 people on board, was enroute at FL320 about 1160nm northnortheast of Reunion when the crew decided to return to Reunion. The aircraft descended to FL270 and landed safely back about 4:45 hours after departure.

Local media reported the crew reported smoke in the cockpit.

The airline reported the aircraft returned due to a technical problem. The flight was postponed by 24 hours.

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Accident: Spirit A320 at Baltimore on Jul 10th 2020, 4 flight attendants in medical emergency


A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N695NK performing flight NK-614 from Minneapolis,MN to Baltimore,MD (USA), was descending towards Baltimore when a ground stop occurred at Baltimore about 10 minutes prior to the arrival of NK-614 due to the incoming NK-614 medical emergency with multiple patients. The flight crew on oxygen landed the aircraft on runway 10 (runway 28 was active) and taxied to the apron where medical services were awaiting the aircraft. Four flight attendants were taken to a hospital.

The airline reported four flight attendants were taken to a hospital as a precaution, neither flight attendants nor passengers showed symptoms of Covid-19.

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Accident: Envoy E175 at Chicago on Jul 9th 2020, turbulence injures flight attendant


An Envoy Embraer ERJ-175 on behalf of American Airlines, registration N226NN performing flight AA-3880 from El Paso,TX to Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA), was descending through about FL160 when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing injuries to a flight attendant. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Chicago's runway 27L about 15 minutes later.

The FAA reported the flight attendant received serious injuries, the occurrence was rated an accident.

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Iran details factors involved in the shootdown of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752


Preliminary - official


Wednesday 8 January 2020




Boeing 737-8KV (WL)


Ukraine International Airlines



C/n / msn:


First flight:

2016-06-21 (3 years 7 months)




Fatalities: 9 / Occupants: 9


Fatalities: 167 / Occupants: 167


Fatalities: 176 / Occupants: 176

Aircraft damage:


Aircraft fate:

Written off (damaged beyond repair)


near Sabashahr (Iran)


En route (ENR)


International Scheduled Passenger

Departure airport:

Tehran-Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA/OIIE), Iran

Destination airport:

Kiev-Borispol Airport (KBP/UKBB), Ukraine



Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, a Boeing 737-800, crashed near Sabashahr, 7 minutes after takeoff from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, Iran. Al 167 passengers and nine crew members on board were killed.
The Boeing 737-800, registration UR-PSR, had landed on schedule at 00:57 hours local time at Tehran. The return leg back to Kiev was due to depart at 05:15 local time (01:45 UTC).

In the meantime, around 02:15 hours local time in Iran, numerous ballistic missiles were fired from Iran towards U.S. bases in Iraq in response to the killing of Major General Qasem Soleimani by a United States drone strike.
As a result this military operation changed the alertness level of Iran's air defense. At approximately 04:00 the military sector informed the civil sector of the country's Airspace Control that only the flights already detected and cleared for flight operations by the defense network could be permitted to start up. This would ensure the correct identification of civil flights by the defense network and avoiding targeting them by mistake.

At 05:49 the doors were closed and the aircraft was ready to depart. Two minuts later the flight requested the to start up the engines.

After contacting the Area Control Center, the ATC unit requested clearance for the Ukrainian flight at 05:52. The Area Control Center forwarded the request for flight PS752 to the Air Defense Coordination Center, which subsequently issued the clearance accordingly.

The aircraft then taxied to runway 29R and commenced the takeoff roll at 06:11. After takeoff the flight contacted Mehrabad Radar and was cleared to climb to FL260 and turn right after reaching 6000 feet, heading direct to the PAROT reporting point.
As the aircraft was climbing after departure, it appeared on the air defense system. However, a wrong initialisation procedure of the system's north alignment had induced a 107-degree error in the system. Thus, the direction of objects and targets detected by this system was being observed with an increase of 107 degrees by the operator.
At 06:13:56, the air defense unit operator detected a target at his 250-degree azimuth, flying on a 52-degree course. At the same time, PS752 had been flying towards the defense system from a 143-degree azimuth. The aircraft was flying a 309-degree course.

At 06:14:21, the operator notified the specifications of the detected target to the Coordination Center over the communication network. The notification was not communicated successfully.

Meanwhile the system operator began analyzing the observable information and categorized the detected target as a threat. At 06:14:41, without receiving any response from the Coordination Center, the air defense unit operator fired a missile at the threatening target he had detected.

Under the applicable procedures, if the defense system operator cannot establish communication with the Coordination Center and does not receive the fire command, they are not authorized to fire.

The missile radio fuse was activated at 06:14:59. At that point flight PS752 was at 8100 feet at a position about 20 km west-northwest of the airport.

After the first missile radio fuse was activated, the air defense unit radar still locked on the target, and the defense system kept detecting and tracking it. By observing the continuity of trajectory of detected target, the second missile was fired at the aircraft by the operator of defense system at 06:15:11.

At 06:45:24, the last communication between the missile and the defense system was recorded in a place close to the aircraft route. After that, the defense system showed a message indicating the strike had failed, with the aircraft clearing from the radar lock-on after some time.

The aircraft turned to the right and about 06:16:11, a fire broke out on the aircraft, which was intensifying. Altitude was lost and at 06:18:23, the aircraft crashed into a playground in Khalajabad near Shahedshahr area, 15 km north of the airport. It disintegrated completely and wreckage was strewn along a 300 m long path.

Accident investigation:




Investigation ongoing

Accident number:

Factual report

Download report:

Preliminary report

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Plane crashes in Northern Michigan after 'distracted' pilot forgets landing gear

  • Troopers responded to a plane crash in Benzie County.There were no injuries and the investigation was turned over to the Federal Aviation Administration.

BENZIE COUNTY - An Ohio pilot walked away unhurt from a crash landing at the Thompsonville Airport on Thursday night after Michigan State Police say the man forgot to engage the twin-engine Cessna's (Cessna 401A) landing gear and the plane slid about 250 yards down the runway.

The incident occurred just before 8:45 p.m. Thursday at the airport in Benzie County's Weldon Township. When troopers responded to reports of a plane crash, they learned the 57-year-old pilot from Swanton, Ohio, "may have been distracted and forgot to put down the landing gear," police said.

The pilot was the plane's only occupant. He was flying from the Pellston airport to Thompsonville when the incident occurred.

When the Cessna touched down about halfway down the runway, it slid before coming to a rest. The plane's underside and its propellers were damaged in the landing, police said.

A report detailing the incident and photographs of the plane were submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration for review and investigation, authorities said.

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dnata USA scores IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) awarded dnata USA the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) registration, following the successful completion of a comprehensive audit of the company at its Orlando headquarters and its ground-handling operations at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

dnata provides a range of ground, passenger, and cargo handling services to more than 60 airlines at 27 airports in the United States. dnata USA's customer-oriented team consists of over 3,000 aviation professionals, who assisted over 30 million passengers, ensured the smooth operations of 80,000 flights, and handled 800,000 tons of cargo in 2019.

"We are delighted to be awarded IATA's ISAGO Registration in the United States," said David Barker, chief executive officer of dnata USA. "We are dedicated to delivering world-class safety performance, and consistently invest in training, processes and technology to ensure the highest standards across our operations. We are focussed on developing a culture where our team members possess the skills and knowledge and are empowered to work safely. The achievement of this prestigious industry certification is a testament to our commitment to the highest levels of safety and training."

"It has been a privilege to be part of this evolution and to see the capability of the team realized," said Gino Matteoni, senior vice president of safety and training of dnata USA. "Safety is a team sport which requires fervent participation and engagement. This milestone is a reflection of our continuous pursuit of perfection."

ISAGO is an audit program for ground-handling companies serving airlines at airports covering the areas of organization and management, load control, passenger and baggage handling, aircraft handling and loading and aircraft ground movement. It offers benefits to airlines, ground handlers, regulatory as well as airport authorities. These include safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries, elimination of redundant audits, reduced costs, less damage and fewer audits, a uniform audit process and harmonized standards, improved safety oversight, harmonized auditor training and qualifications, improved quality standards, and enhanced understanding of high-risk areas within ground operations.

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95 per cent licences of Pakistan pilots serving in 7 countries cleared

The process of verification of pilots' licences will be completed next week

Pakistan's Aviation Division has cleared 95 per cent licences of Pakistani pilots serving in different airlines in seven countries, while the process of verification of the remaining will be completed next week, the media reported.

The issue of 'dubious' licences drew world attention after Pakistan's Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan revealed in the National Assembly that there were 860 active pilots in the country and 260 of them had not sat their exams themselves and almost 30 per cent of the pilots had fake or improper licence and did not have flying experience, Dawn News reported.

Shortly afterwards, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) grounded 107 pilots suspected of having fake licences and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) started verification of their licences.

Khan also announced that five senior officials of the CAA had been sacked over the scandal and they could be prosecuted.

The issue also caught the attention of other countries and airlines where Pakistani pilots were employed.

The countries which grounded the Pakistani pilots and asked Pakistan's Aviation Division to verify their credentials included the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey and Bahrain.

On Friday, Ethiopia also asked the Pakistan government to verify the licences of Pakistani pilots serving there.

The European Union Air Safety Agency has also announced suspension of PIA authorisation for six months.

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Alaska flight forced to return to Sea-Tac Airport after man threatens passengers Saturday night

Port of Seattle Police arrested a man accused of threatening other passengers on an Alaska Airlines flight headed to Chicago late Saturday night.

The incident occurred shortly after Alaska Airlines Flight 422 took off at 11:10 p.m., said Peter McGraw, spokesperson for the port. The man was apparently unarmed and no one was injured.

"The man became extremely belligerent and physically aggressive during the ascent," Ray Lane, external communications manager for Alaska Airlines, said in an email.

Video from a passenger shows the man walking in the aisle and shouting that he would kill everyone on board "in the name of Jesus." The man was wearing a face mask, as were other passengers.

Flight crew, two passengers and a law-enforcement officer who happened to be on board quickly subdued the man, Lane said.

The plane turned around and landed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. When police boarded, the man was cooperative, McGraw said. He was booked into the King County Jail on suspicion of harassment. The Seattle Times is not naming the arrested man because he has not yet been charged with a crime.

McGraw had no information on the man's motivation, and said police are still investigating.

The flight was canceled and passengers were booked on the next available flights to Chicago.

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U.S. Revokes Permission for Pakistan International Airlines to Operate Special Direct Flights

The United States transport authority has revoked the permission granted to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to operate a number of special direct flights to the US, a spokesperson for the airline said on Thursday, as the fallout from the revelation of Pakistani pilots' alleged dubious licences continues.

The authorisation was revoked "due to recent events identified by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority that are of serious concern to aviation safety, specifically matters pertaining to the proper certification of certain Pakistani pilots", according to an email sent to PIA officials by a US-based law firm, seen by

PIA spokesperson Abdullah Khan confirmed that the airline had been notified of the permission being withdrawn via email.

The US Department of Transportation had in April granted PIA permission to operate 12 direct flights to the US to repatriate people stranded by the coronavirus pandemic. The airline had until now operated six of the flights to different US cities.

It was the first time that Pakistan's national flag carrier operated direct flights to the US.

"It is a setback for us," PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez said in a statement to

"However we are keeping very close coordination with US Department of Transportation and we sincerely hope that with the reformative process already underway, they will review their decision to revoke the permissions."

Following disclosure by federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan in parliament that 150 PIA pilots had 'dubious' licences, the European Union and British aviation authorities had barred the airline from flying to their airports for at least six months.

The aviation regulators of several other countries, meanwhile, have sought verification of credentials of Pakistani pilots and engineers working there.

The development comes as the federal government in recent days has tried to assuage concerns about Pakistani pilots, stating that an inquiry into the issuance of 'illegal' licences to 236 pilots between 2012 and 2018 was in progress.

A cabinet meeting was informed earlier this week that 28 pilots of PIA had been dismissed from service and 37 were suspended for allegedly having suspicious credentials. As many as 450 other PIA pilots had been cleared.

At a joint press conference last week, Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Haider Zaidi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar and Information Minister Senator Shibli Faraz had stressed that the government was committed to ensuring merit and transparency in all national institutions.

The Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (Palpa) has said that there are discrepancies in the government's list of pilots with licences deemed dubious and has demanded a judicial investigation.

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Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines On Course to Launch Expanded Partnership

Amidst the continuing global pandemic, Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines are eager to overcome the obstacles of the current, revamped airline industry that is filled with uncertainty, major repercussions, temporary travel restrictions and new, transformative policies. Both carriers - which are a part of the Oneworld alliance, the world's third-largest airline alliance - will support each other during this difficult time, in a joint business partnership launching July 25.

The two airlines have already signaled their intentions and goals prior to announcing the joint business partnership. The Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia-based carrier plans to resume its previous regiment flights to Japan throughout July, while both carriers will operate a combined total of four weekly flights between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. The airlines hope these operations will serve as the building blocks for a sustainable business model between both carriers.

In addition, both airlines are determined to exercise the highest standards in ensuring the travel experience is safeguarded against the virus for the passengers and employees. The efforts will allow both carriers to provide additional flight choices, a larger network, better connections and enhanced frequent flyer programs.

Captain Izham Ismail, Group Chief Officer, Malaysia Airlines hopes that the relationship between the two airlines will provide seamless travel and be a positive contributor to both economies in both countries during this difficult time.

"I am excited that the Joint Business is finally taking off after a few months of delay due to travel restrictions between both countries. We look forward to the bilateral discussions between the governments of Malaysia and Japan to establish a travel bubble between the two countries, which will ease restrictions for cross-border travel," Ismail said in a prepared statement. "Malaysia Airlines, being the country's national airline, and Japan Airlines, play a crucial role in reviving the economy and we are confident that this synergy will facilitate commerce, trade, and boost tourism for both countries."

Yuji Akasaka, President of Japan Airlines, provided a sense of optimism between the two carriers being able to attract passengers back when they are prepared to travel again and providing them with an enhanced quality of service.

"We are pleased to announce our newest joint business partnership with fellow Oneworld member, Malaysia Airlines. While our expanded relationship is being launched during unprecedented times, it has allowed both Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene are in place from the onset for our mutual customers' peace of mind. And with hospitality in mind, we are confident that customers will delight in the in-flight experience, and enjoy convenient flight schedules and seamless services."

The Malaysian Aviation Commission and Japan's Ministry of Land, Transport, and Tourism agreed upon and initiated the joint business partnership early last year, by granting an individual exemption and an antitrust immunity, respectively.

The joint business partnership will also enable both carriers to coordinate and collaborate beyond the passenger market, in other operational areas, such as cargo and develop the tourism industries in both the Japanese and Malaysian markets.

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Diamond Aircraft Introduced the DA50 RG, an All Carbon Fiber Airplane

Diamond Aircraft introduced the new 5-seat all carbon fiber DA50 RG airplane, outfitted with retractable gear and powered by a 300hp Continental CD-300 jet fuel engine.

Luxury, safety, fuel efficiency and lower emissions, and performance are the highlights of the DA50 RG, the new all carbon fiber airplane from Diamond Aircraft.

Liqun Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Austria, explained, "We are very excited to be presenting the DA50 RG to the market. She is offering so much - space, efficiency, luxury, comfort, safety, and retractable gear on a single piston aircraft that will make everyone really stand out. Plus, the extra benefits of operating a jet fuel powered aircraft - much lower emissions compared to leaded and even low leaded aviation fuels and saving many gallons of fuel and money due to excellent fuel efficiency. We are convinced that our all-new DA50 RG will be the new star on the piston single market for private pilots needing more seats and space and charter operators looking for a low-cost alternative."

The DA50 RG boasts a top speed of 181-knots, a 20,000-foot maximum operating altitude, and 1,232 pounds of useful load. The aircraft will hold 50 gallons of jet fuel, providing a maximum range of 750 nautical miles.

Advanced aerodynamics are a result of the all carbon composite airframe. Hinged double slotted flaps were designed for high lift and outstanding slow speed use. Minimum landing distance is assured by state-of-the-art brakes and wheels.

"Continental's CD-300 engine and valuable partnership with Diamond on the DA50 RG reinforces the global demand for jet-fueled piston aircraft in general aviation", said Robert Stoppek, president & CEO of Continental Aerospace Technologies™. "The luxurious and modern carbon fiber constructed DA50 RG paired with the 300 horsepower Jet-A engine is redefining the expectations for GA aircraft. Congratulations to Diamond Aircraft for introducing this fuel-efficient engine and up-to-date airplane that perfectly fits the renowned Diamond jet-fuel aircraft portfolio."

The DA50 RG should achieve European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certification in late summer 2020 and plans are for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to follow, expected by the end of 2021. The first deliveries in the European Union are planned for the first quarter of 2021.

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The current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic has some serious consequences for the international aviation industry. However, research and development on new aircraft remains of importance for the future. Boeing is for instance finalizing its newest Boeing 777X aircraft. The 777X had some major setbacks, but is now expected to fly next year. But at what airlines can you expect the Boeing 777X in the future?

Boeing 777X
Already in November 2013 the Boeing Company announced the Boeing 777X program. But, as most readers must know, developing a new type of aircraft takes years to complete. Boeing expected to do several test flights in 2020, but some were delayed due to several reasons. One of the reasons being not getting flight certificates in time.

The Boeing 777X should be available as B777-8, -9 and -10. The latter type is expected to be launched later. The Boeing 777-8 has a seating capacity of 384 and the 777-9 of 426. The 777-9 can for instance accommodate 9 First Class, 49 Business Class and 292 Economy Class seats. You can read more on the Boeing 777X here.

By the way, some airlines decided to stop flying the Boeing 777. For instance, Delta recently announced to phase out its B777 aircraft. The main reason it that its Boeing 777-200 aircraft are too old now. They should've been gone by 2021. But due to a lack of demand in air travel that date was expedited.

You may wonder why Boeing considered developing a new aircraft type. Basically, the 777 is not new. But the B777X is special in the sense that it wil become the largest wide body two aisle aircraft to fly. This type will get new engines and new wings. The latter is definitely something to highlight as the wingtip can be folded. Yes, you did read that correctly. Bigger wings give the 777X better aerodynamics. But being able to fold them does not compromise its gate compatibility. For instance, the Airbus A380 cannot use regular gates. It needs a special dimensioned gate as it is much bigger dan regular aircraft.

Lufthansa is the launch customer for the Boeing 777X. In 2013 the German national carriers was the first airline to agree on a purchase of the Boeing 777-9.

Other airlines that will fly the Boeing 777X are:

  • All Nippon Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines

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Officer Becomes U.S. Navy's First Black Female Tactical Jet Pilot

A U.S. Naval officer made history last week as the military branch's first known Black female tactical jet pilot.

Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle made a final flight on a T-45C Goshawk training aircraft to complete her undergraduate Tactical Air (Strike) pilot training syllabus on Tuesday, the Navy said. Swegle, who is assigned to the Redhawks of Training Squadron (VT) 21 at Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas, is set to receive her Wings of Gold in a ceremony on July 31.

"Swegle is the @USNavy's first known Black female TACAIR pilot and will receive her Wings of Gold later this month. HOOYAH!" the Chief of Naval Air Training wrote on Twitter, wishing her "BZ," short for "Bravo Zulu," the naval signal meaning "well done."

Public figures from Sen. Elizabeth Warren to tennis great Billie Jean King congratulated Swegle on social media after the announcement. RDML Paula Dunn, the U.S. Navy's vice chief of information, celebrated Swegle's accomplishment on Twitter.

"Very proud of LTJG Swegle. Go forth and kick butt," she wrote.

Swegle follows in the footsteps of trailblazers like Brenda Robinson, who is thought to be the first Black female aviator in the Navy. Women have served on U.S. combatant ships since 1994. However, the Navy has faced criticism for the lack of diversity amongst its pilots.

As of 2018, only about 2.7% of pilots in Navy maritime squadrons were Black, according to analysis by; less than 7% of all Navy pilots were female, according to Pensacola News Journal.

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FAA Plans New Environmental Review Of SpaceX Site In Texas

Some of the locals aren't happy that SpaceX, the private spaceflight company run by Elon Musk, is increasing its testing in South Texas. There are now plans to use the facility on Boca Chica Beach as a full-scale launch site.

Professor Stefanie Herweck at UT Rio Grande Valley says the company's current activities exceed what was looked at in a 2014 environmental impact statement, so the FAA will decide if a new study is needed. Herweck says SpaceX is closing the beach several days a week for testing.

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Leasing Aircraft & Engines, Return Conditions, and Transition - Course


Tuesday & Wednesday,

4 & 5 August 2020


Email registration form to[email protected]


9.30am - 1pm

Closing Date:

One week before course date.


Virtual training via MS Team


AAIS Member: S$763/pax

Public: S$913/pax

(excl. prevailing GST)

About the Course:

Whether you are a lessor/lessee or in a lease management company, this unique and interesting course is designed for personnel wanting to enhance their understanding of the complicated maintenance aspects for aircraft lessors and lessee.

The attendees will be more knowledgeable of what lease clauses require, what banking and financial institutions should know, what airlines/MROs and lessors must know when managing or returning the aircraft, and what regulators really require in order to issue import/export and airworthiness certificates. Handling ofthe transition of aircraft from one lessee and regulatory authority to another, including contract negotiation, modification implementation and new aircraft lease initiation will also be discussed.


In 1980, airlines leased three percent of all aircraft and owned 97 percent. By2014, airlines leased approximately 40 percent of all aircraft (by operating lease). This number is projected to increase to 50 percent in the next few years (Reed Business Information Ltd, 2014). Learn the best ways to manage aircraft lease return so there is no disruption in airline operation and no penalties.


Aircraft lessors usually require that the aircraft undergo heavy maintenance at an EASA or FAA certified MRO.What are the consequences to look out for, especially in terms of clauses pertaining to maintenance and lease return conditions?


At the conclusion of this course, participants will:
* Determine the specific regulations, directives, advisory circulars, orders, and/or technical information needed for companies seeking a better understanding of Aircraft Leasing processes in an international context.
* Be able to apply ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices
* Have a much deeper understanding of aircraft leasing clauses in particular the do's and don'ts

Who Should Attend?

Persons involved with aircraft/engine leasing or leasing management, MROs involved with aircraft leasing, Industry, finance institutions, and airline personnel involved with contract negotiations and development would significantly benefit.

Course Content:

This packed one-day training will include a focus on the following key topics:

* Role of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
* Basic Principles of International Aviation Airworthiness Standards
* Aircraft Registration - the state of registration
* Aircraft Operation - the state of the operator
* National Regulatory Bodies
* Review of various Aircraft Lease/Maintenance Agreements
* 3 Most Relevant clauses: Delivery, Redelivery and Maintenance.
* Aircraft Configuration and Control
* Airline Reliability Programs and MPD Adjustments
* Contract Maintenance Management and Supply Chain Preparation
* Maintenance and Airworthiness, including Skin mapping, Dents and Buckles Reports
-Modifications and Alterations
-Aircraft Records Documentation
-Major and Minor Repairs/Alterations, Modifications Including STCs Repair Data
* Instruction for Continued Airworthiness, Ageing Aircraft and EWIS Requirements
* Successful Lease Returns and Transitions and Avoiding Delays - Top 10 Tips

About the Instructor:

Mr Michael Daniel,Member, AAIS Panel of Experts
Mike is an International Aviation Safety consultant with over 33 years with the FAA as a Senior Manager, ISO 9001 / AS 9100 / AS 9110 Principal / Lead and Internal Auditor, Credentialed Supervisory Safety Inspector and Accident Investigator, and FAA Academy Instructor.


With several FAA overseas postings, he project managed the first FAA Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements (BASA MIP) with Germany and France. He has also considerable experience with managing various regulatory requirements, FAA & EASA Certification and Maintenance (MRO & AMO), Part 121 Air Operators, Part 135 Business Aviation Air Operators, and Aircraft Certification.


Mike graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (B.Sc. Aeronautics), a holder of FAA Maintenance Licenses with Inspection Authorization, and is a licensed pilot. He is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI), Flight Safety Foundation, SAE International, Chartered Quality Institute, and the Project Management Institute as an accredited Project Management Professional. He had previously served in the United States Marine Corps.


*Note: AAIS reserves the right to adjust the course pricing and to re-schedule or cancel any course due to unforeseen circumstances, course commencement is subject to minimum class size requirements.


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Join RTCA for a free two-part webinar on Wednesday, July 15 at 1pm ET


featuring NTSBand GAMA. The Honorable Robert L. Sumwalt, Chairman of the


NTSB presents:"Lessonsfrom the Ashes:Improving Transportation Safety


Through AccidentInvestigation" followed by a conversation with RTCA's Terry


McVenes and an audienceQ&A session. Pete Bunce, President and CEO of


GAMA presents: "The Future ofAdvanced Air Mobility".



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members of their Management, Regulators and related organizations

(airplane, helicopter, civil or military)







Dear aviation colleague,


you are invited to participate in a research project conducted by the department of Psychology at City, University of London, which aims to elicit your views and thoughts on Aeronautical Decision-Making, including Monitoring and Intervention in normal operation,by which we mean routine line flightswithout anyincidentsortechnical malfunctions.


The questions deal with teamwork and decision-making issues in various Pilot-roles, e.g. the role of the Pilot Monitoring (PM), Pilot Flying (PF), Pilot in Command (PIC) and Co-Pilot, and respectively in the Air Traffic Controller (ATCO)-roles of the coordinating and radioing/radar ATCO as well as pilot's and controller's training and occupational picture.


This survey is completely anonymous - no identifying information will be requested or collected - and all responses will be treated as strictly confidential. The survey is approved by City's research and ethics committee (Approval Code: ETH 1920-1414). The introductory section of the survey will provide you with further information and the informed consent.


Please click hereto access the survey or copy the survey-link below into your browser.


By completing the questionnaire, you can - in addition to supporting aviation safety research - even do more good as we will donate a minimum of €2 for the first 1000 fully completed responses to the UNICEF COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund which helps to care forvulnerable children and communities all over the world.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected] or [email protected]or via phone: +49 172 7178780.


We thank you very much in advance. Your support is truly appreciated.


Best regards,


Capt. Tom Becker

Prof. Peter Ayton

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Dear Participants,


You are being asked to participate in a research study of your opinions and attitudes about stress and mental health. This research started almost two years ago. The purpose of this study is to examine mental health issues in aviation, specifically Part 121 airline pilots. During this study, you will be asked to complete a brief online survey about your opinions on various life circumstances, stress, and mental health topics. This study is expected to take approximately 15 minutes of your time. In order to participate, you must possess an FAA issued Airline Transport Certificate (ATP) and you must also be currently working as a pilot for a Part 121 air carrier that is headquartered within the United States. Participation in this study is voluntary and data will be collected anonymously, stored confidentially, and you may choose to opt out of the study at any time. We sincerely appreciate your consideration and time to complete our study, as it is another small but important step towards increasing safety in aviation.


Please click on the link below to complete the survey:


For more information, please contact:


Tanya Gatlin - Student Researcher

[email protected]



Dr. Scott Winter - Faculty Advisor

[email protected]



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